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Who We Are

We are more than a Pet Clinic. We have grown as a dynamic Veterinary Service Provider with proven track record of professionalism, innovation and corporate culture that thrives on excellence. we offer wellness, pharmacy, laboratory, microchip, veterinary dermatology , diagnostic, pest control, fumigation and emergency services. 


At O’heifer Veterinary Clinic, we have passionate team and we enjoy providing compassionate care. We provide you with the best knowledge and care you need in order to keep your pet in good health. Our team have nearly 18 years of combined experience. We offer a unique blend of clinical expertise, wide exposure and genuine compassion for animals.


At the O’heifer Veterinary Clinic we understand the special bond that exists between people and their pets. We boast of excellent care for your pets. Therefore, it is our mission to provide the highest veterinary care to our companion animals. We will strive to maintain a state of the art facility and provide modern medical, surgical and dental treatment.


Dr (Mrs) Obiageli Sylvia Ogbunude


O’heifer Veterinary Clinic & Pets Shop has been serving Nigerians for over 20 years. The veterinarians combine over 15 years of experience in the treatment of animals of all breeds. The entire veterinary crew are dedicated to compassionate care which is the cornerstone of O’heifer Veterinary Clinic & Pets Shop. We provide a friendly environment for you and your pet at every visit. Whether it’s a routine check-up or an emergency; our staff responds quickly to your pet’s needs and takes the time to explain examinations and procedures clearly before any treatments is given.